Monday, May 7, 2012

Coffee Filter Pomanders

I bought a whole bunch of coffee filters at the dollar store (over 20 packages, each had 300 filters). We pushed a pencil inside the center of each one, and scrunched the filters around the pencil. It created the cone shape you see here. We dunked them into a pot of tea and let them air dry. It took a good 12 hours for the filters to dry. If we lost patience, we stuck them in the oven at the lowest temp setting for about 20 minutes.
We hot glued the cones all over a tennis ball sized newspaper ball and added a loop of ribbon. Each ball took at least 125 filters to get the extremely full look. Photo credit goes to Earthen Vessels Photography.
We roughly followed this tutorial: Coffee filter pomanders: About $20 for the coffee filters. We used tea we had on hand and newspapers I had saved for a couple of months. For 18 pews, I used three spools of ribbon that I also bought at the dollar store. Pew decor total: less than $25.


  1. Love the idea of dipping the filters in tea. The subtle color is beautiful. Thanks! --Dawn

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